Easter in Corfu

Easter in Corfu

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Easter celebrations Corfu

Why have one Easter when you can have two?


Easter in Greece comes a little later on in the spring than what you are used to at home. This is because the Christian celebrations in around 90 percent of the world runs on the Gregorian calendar, while the Orthodox church, mainly found in Greece and Russia, runs on the older Julian calendar. This means that that non-fixed religious celebrations like Easter may differ.

Some years it arrives at the same time, others it’s almost a month apart, but in 2018 our Easters are just a week apart. 

If you are thinking of extending that Easter bank holiday into a real holiday, Corfu could be the place for you. 


What makes Greek Easter different?


For all Greeks, Easter is a special time and it could be said that it is more important than Christmas for some. Certainly, here on Corfu, we go all out.

Various celebrations and observations are upheld throughout Holy Week (μεγαλη εβδομαδα/megali evdomada).

Some will fast, eating no meat, dairy or oil products until the resurrection (Anastasi/ Η ανάσταση) at midnight on Easter Saturday. Others will attend daily church services and the rest, well, they will be preparing for the family feasts and celebrations for the weekend to come and there will be choirs and bands singing and playing in various locations around Corfu Town and some of the busier areas.


Easter in Corfu


While Easter is a huge celebration throughout Greece, only Corfu has its unique way of seeing in the resurrection that is famous country-wide.

Crowds flock from all around Greece and Europe to witness this spectacle on the morning of Easter Saturday, when the residents of Liston Square throw large clay pots from their windows, sending them smashing to the ground.

If you stick around until the evening you can enjoy some of Corfu’s world-famous philharmonic bands, candlelit prayers and a beautiful fireworks display at midnight to mark Christ’s resurrection.

The occasion is marked by greetings of ‘Christos Anesti’ (Christ has risen) to which one replies ‘Alithos Anesti’ (truly he has risen) and everyone goes home to light their candles and prepare for Easter Sunday’s feasting.


Easter Sunday in Corfu


Although many of the tourist-attracting celebrations are held in Corfu Town, some of the best places to be on Easter Sunday are the villages.

You will smell barbeques being fired up and everyone will be in a great mood, those working in tourist spots will want to extend their traditional hospitality and encourage you to eat drink and be merry. 

And then comes the evening.

Whether you are in the town, the country or by the sea, Corfiots are ready to party. For many holiday destinations on the island, Easter also marks the beginning of the summer season and you may just be in the right place at the right time to enjoy a spectacular opening party like the one held at 7th Heaven Cafe in Peroulades.

What better place to start the summer than watching the sunset in paradise.


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