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The island of Corfu has become, over the years, one of Greece's most famous holiday destinations, which is no surprise since it covers pretty much everything a visitor could ask for. Beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking mountain views, traditional Greek tavernas and cosmopolitan bars, a unique combination of blue and green that cannot be found on any other island in Greece.

It is now widely known that, to experience the most of what Corfu has to offer, your best chance is to hire your own vehicle and be the master of your own Corfu adventure. Renting/Hiring a bicycle, a scooter or a car is something many visitors have found to be a great idea, which gave them the opportunity to discover places that are not included in travel guides. Places of true beauty, left intact by the explosion of tourism over the last decades.

But of course, wheels can't take you everywhere. There are certain sceneries that are unreachable from land and can only be viewed if you decide to jump into those beautiful mediterranean waters! And that could not be easier to do! Renting/Hiring a boat, a jetski or even a pedal boat or a canoe will allow you to witness some of the most spectacular coast lines while experiencing your holidays with a more adventurous style.

And that's where HireCorfu.com comes to the rescue! Our goal is to provide a complete list of all of Corfu's rental/hire businesses/companies based on their location, giving users a better view of their options as well as providing them with all the information they'll need in order to get in touch with those companies and rent/hire their vehicle of choice.

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