This was Corfu in the 60s

This was Corfu in the 60s

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This was Corfu in the 60s - Discover Corfu's Culture -

We found this wonderful video of Corfu in the 60s by British Pathe.

Shots of people in Victoria at the rush hour with crowded streets and lots of buses, we then see an aeroplane taking off for Corfu and a shot of the green sea and the island. We see various scenes on the island including a woman on a donkey, a man ringing church bells and a woman sat on the street spinning wool. There are shots of prickly pear trees and a man using a metal device to hook the pears off and put them in a basket. L/S of sea and shore.

Various shots of a woman on a donkey walking through the town and down tracks, we see two women with baskets on their heads. We also see children playing with stones and an elderly woman sat watching.

We see the donkey tethered to a boat on the beach while the girl swims in the sea. A car draws up at a white hotel, two girls get in and drive off. Various shots of buildings in the main town of Kerkyra as the car drives down and the girls get out. Various shots of a market selling fruit and meat. Various scenic shots in L/S of the island.